The Merry Game Of Clarkson!

Jeremy Clarkson is what can be kindly described as a massive bell-end. His rise to fame based on reactionary stereotypes has been lamentable to behold. However, this game gives you the opportunity to seriously degrade his notoriety, at the same times as feeling a warm glow of satisfaction.

It’s rarely possible to visit a charty shop without seeing examples of his “literature”, amply demonstrating his wilful use of racism, sexism, flat-earthism, complete arseness, self-obsession and other heinous crimes. He is , in the words of PG Wodehouse, a “complete blister”. Hence, this simple game. We see this as a serious rival to the classic “yellow car” game!

All you need to do is to turn any of his books round to hide the spine. What better way of hitting where he hurts? The game can be played purely for your own satisfaction (be sure to share on all social media along with your latest wordle efforts), but is best played competitively with your partner.

Scoring could not be easier, you gain one point per book (hard or softback) and 2 points if you find a DVD to work with. As well as the satisfaction of scoring, you get the piquant thrill of doing this where there are members of staff who might spot you. The originators have racked up many hundreds of points thus far without having our collar felt.


and after!

Finally, here’s an extravagant video showing you it in action!

and after!