Here are some of our sites designed by Nick Robinson aka 12testing over the years. Each reflects the needs, wishes and (most importantly) the budget of the client. Some local sites are maintained voluntarily as a gesture to their worthy cause.

As you’ll see, I don’t specialise in hi-tec visions of the future, but simply design to the clients needs. I like to keep things clean and simple, with the emphasis on effective navigation and optimising for search engines. I can host sites, organise your email, manage Facebook & WordPress, organise online questionnaires, set up a shopping cart and much more besides. I are happy to upload to your own space and give you the necessary skills to maintain it yourself, where appropriate – I am a qualified and highly experienced IT tutor. I can create custom php scripts to produce any kind of interactive form or displays of data from a database. With a background as a photo-journalist I can produce both copy and images for sites.

Here are a few of the sites I currently maintain, many use wordpress, others are hand-coded.

Breathe Baby Breathe (yoga in Dundee)
British Origami Society (various php scripts, 10,000+ hits per day!)
ColorTree Limited (commercial paper sellers)
Conscious TV (video-based site – includes a forum)
Easy On The Eye Shop  (bespoke book publisher)
Friends Of Sheffield Castle (a local heritage group)
Janie Jones (yes, that Janie Jones!)
Live Looping (a WordPress site for looping musicians)
Norton Lees (double bass with attitude!)
Nick Robinson Music (ambient and extraordinary (cough) guitar player)
NickOrigami (a professional origamist fulfilling commercial commissions)
Origami Didaktics (an English/German language site about origami teaching and history)
Reyt Against’ Machine (amazing RATM tribute band)
Sheffield Music Archive (the musical heritage of Sheffield)
The Nice Appreciation Page (fansite for an amazing 60s band)

I have worked for a wide variety of record companies and musicians, such as Cherry Red Records, RPM Records, Esoteric Records, Janie Jones, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan, Mike “Come Outside” Sarne, (as a former pro musician, music is a speciality!), plus consultancy work for Heeley City Farm, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, Wizards Network, the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire and the Duke of Devonshire.

So, if you want someone who is friendly, professional, dedicated and realistically priced, get in touch….