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Times are hard and even an internationally infamous paper-folder needs brass to survive. So, here are some of the things I can "do" - a pretty unique combination, though I say it myself. Please get in touch if you have any interesting projects in mind!

web design - sites both large (1600 pages, 20,000 hits daily) and small,
including php scripts, paypal, shopping carts, forums etc. more

illustration - I use adobe illustrator and photoshop on a daily basis
for websites and book illustration. more

copywriting - for websites, newspapers, magazines, you name it, I'll write it.

editing/layout - have produced magazines for Sheffield City Council, residents
associations and 5 years of the bi-monthly British Origami magazine.

training - 20 years experience in paper crafts, guitar and a wide variety of IT areas.
I've got a PGCE, a BA (hons) and several assessor awards. more

photography - 40 years with a camera, working for local newspaper,
photos for websites, magazines, books etc. more

charity work - a lifetime of helping charitable causes with promotion, fund-raising,
design and finding new ways to help a group move forwards.

music - a former professional musician, I've created, restored and edited music
and produced soundtracks for commercial projects. more

a sheep my brother drew