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The Origami Box

front cover Published by the same company who made "Origami Love Notes", this is another beautifully packaged product, even if the book itself is woefully thin - I do like hardback books meself. including 60 sheets of paper. Aimed squarely at beginners, it's given me another opportunity to launch several unpublished designs on the public, including my 4 fold Mammoth ;).

Contributors to the book include the late Eric Kenneway (Dish), Jeff Beynon (Lucky Ring, Two-tone pyramid), Francis Ow (Heart Medallion). The Penguin, Rabbit, Swan and Masu Box are traditional designs, the remainder were designed by myself.

Mammoth / Penguin / Swan / Christmas / Decoration / Masu Box / Translucent Coaster / Dish / Lucky Ring / Ackworth Dish / Rabbit / Two-tone pyramid / Nodding Dog / Fighter plane / Dragon / Heart Medallion


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