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Origami Love Notes

front coverI'd been asked to grant permission to use one of my dragon designs in a book called "make your own Paper Dragons" and was very impressed with the highly original concept and design. I offered my help with any future books and just made it in time to complete the contents for this book, from start to finish in under a week!

Once again, beautifully packaged, in a sturdy box with free patterned paper and envelopes. My only slight quibble would be to make the book itself a bit larger, but then as author, I would say that. Due to the short deadline, I used my own work and a traditional design. I was delighted to squeeze in a link for poppadom!

ISBN: 1-905695-14-4

Love Bird by Nick Robinson
page 13 (from Square)

Love Token by Nick Robinson
page 19 (from Square)

Lover's Knot by Traditional
page 25 (from Square)

Two hearts by Nick Robinson
page 31 (from Square)

Rose Bowl by Nick Robinson
page 37 (from Square)

Star Crossed Lovers by Nick Robinson
page 43 (from Square)
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