our hero, knackered after 2 hours on the wheel..Esteemed ladybird artist John Berry began working on LB titles in the early 60's but you may be surprised to know he was still "hard at it" in the late 70's. This series of children's stories are hidden gems in my opinion. Beautiful illustrations, exciting and typically, educational stories. Like most LB heroes, Hannibal (subtle name eh?) managed to get about a bit; the seaside, down a coalmine, in a school, out in the country, you name it. Along the way he meets various other talking beasts who help him out.

As part of series 497, they followed in hallowed footsteps of Tasseltip, Ned the Donkey, Mick the Puppy etc. al. Each book explored a different (often ecological) theme; animals, the tides, the migration of birds and coal-mining. The series extended to 6 books between '76 and '78, all written by Raymond Howe (who doesn't appear to have worked on any other titles) and illustrated by Berry. Since they are more modern editions, you can pick them up for well under a pound in most charity shops and together, they make a fine addition to your LB collection.

Hannibal runs away
Hannibal on holiday
Hannibal on the farm
Hannibal and the pet show
Hannibal goes to school

Hannibal on the nature trail