Cub Scouts 70, 80
Scouts 71
Brownie Guides 78
Girl Guides 85

Wow - it's got a dust-jacket!This compact series started in 1970, featuring Cubs & Scouts. A little later, Brownies were added and as a seeming afterthought, Girl Guides in 1985. The "boys" side of things were written by David Harwood and illustrated by John Berry. They covered the history and the movements from Baden-Powell's days through to modern times. The revised 1980 Cubs book featured a gloss cover, an updated page of proficiency badges and a colour preface illustration and had been subsumed under the "Hobbies" spine series. The Scouts book paints an exciting life, and accurate, if my memory serves! Our little chaps are pictured sailing, swimming, fishing, caving, climbing and go-karting. The cover is another self-referential item, with the scouts closely studying the "Ladybird Book of Trees". An exciting rock/n/roll band is featured on page 20....

Jarvis Cocker (right)Brownie Guides, written by Nancy Scott and illustrated by Bernard Robinson, Eric Winter & John Moyes, featured a (matt) photographic cover and had lost the classic "page of text, page of artwork" format. The artwork is mostly photographs, taken by Moyes, who worked on 19 other Ladybirds, mostly in the "Learnabout" series. Scott had produced a small but impressive list of other books, including The Seashore, Pond Life, Understanding Maps, Horses & Dogs.

Girl Guides had an altogether glossier cover, complete with ISBN number, as befits a Ladybird from the mid 80's. The content was similar to the "Brownies", with a mixture of text & photos. Scott again wrote the book and occasionally gives away her spiritual leanings, as we find out that many Guides attend religious services and they "find this helpful in getting to know more about God and how best she can serve Him". Indeed.