678 Basic Arithmetic

Addition 67
Subtraction 67
Multiplication 68
Division 68
Book of Tables

Basic Maths was anbovious choice to accompany the market-leading Keywords for Reading scheme and Words for Numbers. Here is the somewhat scholarly introduction.

Mathematics through discovery and practice "Mathematics is a discovery of relationships and the expression of the relationship in symbolic (or abstract) form . Practice is necessary to fix a concept, once it is understood. Therefore practice should follow, not precede, discovery". (Curriculum Bulletin No. I of the Schools Council.) Children make their own discoveries about number, if they have suitable experiences, especially in real life situations.

Numbers are not met in isolation from language or experience. Practice in the four rules of Arithmetic is presented in these four carefully graded books of the Ladybird Basic Arithmetic series: Book I covers the 100 basic facts of addition Book 2 covers the 100 basic facts of subtraction Book 3 covers the 100 basic facts of multiplication Book 4 covers the 90 basic facts of division Each of these 390 essential number combinations is linked with an attractive illustration which offers the maximum help for happy learning.



wherever I lay my hat, that's my schoolSadly, the books don't feature the usual vibrant Ladybird illustrations, but much more basic artwork, presumably by author Murray and (frankly) dull pastel shades underneath the illustrations. They might have felt exciting p[ictures would have distracted from the task in hand? Even the covers look a little dull by the expected standards of the company. They may well have been an attempt on W&H's part to give their books a more "modern" or "academic" feel. As a small consolation, the inside cover artwork (top right & left) is quite excellent!

In 1982, the series was revamped in vivid style by Roger and Mary Hurt, with illustrations by Peter Kingston, but these are of less interest to collectors. Assuming the initial series was in print until the early 80's, sales must have been impressive. Later editions included the following;

Ladybird Book of Tables 81
Fun With Division 82
Practice Your Tables 82
Addition 82
Division 82
Subtraction 82
Fun With Tables 82
Multiplication 82
Fun With Addition 82
Fun With Subtraction 82