Our Land in the Making

Earliest times to Norman Conquest 1966
Norman Conquest to the present day 1966

These two volumes may well have been part of a projected series, but like several Ladybird series, petered out after the first few (in this case two) volumes. Aiming to cover the entire history of England from earliest times to the present day is a bit of a difficult task to ask of anyone, but Richard Bowood makes a good fist of it. As author of 20 books about scientific or natural subjects for the company, he clearly enjoyed his work and always delivered a good, well-researched product.

Artist Ronald Lampitt collaborated on other books with Bowood, namely the Natural History series 651. Whilst perhaps lacking the technical ability of the leading LB lights, he produced accurate, bright artwork which did the job well.

The first volume covers prehistory, the ice, bronze and iron ages, the Romans and includes the Norman conquest. The companion volume, presumably released at the same time, continues in a slightly more specific vein, as we enter the period where records were kept.

The industrialisation of our country is viewed in a strictly positive light, where even electricity pylons are described as "graceful". Motorways are offered as the solution to our car problems, which may well have been the general view in 1966. How wrong they were!

Earliest volumes had a tally number of 150, unless anyone knows differently!