606f - Through the Ages
(easy reading)

This was a short lived series, even though there were obviously countless other subjects that could have been covered. Presumably this was due to lack of sales. Both books were written by Muriel Goaman and illustrated by "Dan Dare" man, Frank Hampson. "Food" (1968) moves form stone-age days, through the centuries up to the present day. We learn that "some people cannot tell the difference between butter and margerine"!

The illustration of a woman shopper on page 50 (left) is certainly a classic, showing Hampson at his best. The inside covers are plain.


"Transport" (1970) is a similar format, starting with coracles, through the invention of the wheel, horses, trams, right on to submarines and spaceships (including a plug for "Exploring Space).

The cover uses a montage of images rather than the usual single subject. This book has slightly inferior artwork to the first volume. Whether this was due to Hampsons failing health is open to conjecture. the inside covers show a variety of means of transport. An ideal series for collectors, since there were only two books and the weren't repressed, as far as I know.