Another of the charming series' produced by Wills & Hepworth from their Loughborough base in the 1940's, Tasseltip was a fairly eccentric rabbit who had adventures in the woodlands with his pals Frankie Frog, Suzie & Friskie(!) Squirrel and Robert Rat. Written by Dorothy Richards and illustrated by Ernest A. Aris (FZS & SGA), the series ran to 4 titles. Original editions featured a charming inside front & rear cover illustration of Tasseltips' neck of the woods, plus a full colour front cover and identical dust-jacket. At 2/6 each, they must have been at the upper end of childrens book pricing in the 40's.

Our hero, pi**ed as ever...Like most of the W&H output, the tales are good, clean fun. The sleeve notes; "although at times the little folk have differences, the keynote to their lives is kindness to others." echoes the usual W&H approach to stories. The illustrations are full of life and our hero seems to be in a permanent state of semi-hysteria, judging by his rolling eyes and unusual face. He also had a fondness for his oversized jeans, suspended from an outsized belly!

Tasseltip reappeared in the 70's in a new series, curiously released under the 497 code. They copied the artwork from the originals and Sarah Cotton re-wrote the stories; "Flickerdick", for example, becomes "Tasseltip and the Boozle", (bamboozle - geddit?). Like many reissued stories, didn't quite capture the charm of the original. Perhaps you needed to be around at the time to really enjoy these little trips down memory lane...

A little Silk Apron 47
Mr Mole's house warming 47
The Flickerdick 47
Clatter! Clatter!! Bang!!! 48

The Flower Show 53
The first day of Spring 53

Series 497 Reissues
Tasseltip and the Boozle
Tasseltip plays truant
Tasseltip buys a present

Tasseltip has a lucky day
Tasseltip saves the day
Tasseltip takes a ride