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The following news items are either confirmed, or from a reliable source. If you have any snippets, please send them in. Don't forget, mineandyours.com have a mailing list which sends out news direct from the top - send an email to subscribe@mineandyours.com with a short "hello" message & that's it.

Check out a snippet of David's recent performance at the Rolling Stone Bob Dylan Birthday Party in NYC

Tangerine will be released in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg (Go Luxembourg!) and Holland by Minimum Music on August 28th.

Tangerine was announced as the winner of the Nashville Rage's Best Solo Pop/Rock album of 2006 Saturday night. The award (a 30 pound block of engraved granite) was delivered by a girl on roller skates.

Wonderful live recording of a gig at Shubas, including most of Tangerine, available from emusic.com, better than that, you can get the lot free in a special free trial!

There's an interview and live rendition of "fighting for your life" on an interview with radio station Air America.

'Fighting For Your Life' will be the first single from TANGERINE. It's released on May 1st.

Tangerine is to be released on May 16 in the States, a UK deal is still (amazingly) being sought. Track lsiting :Tangerine / Hard to remember / The trouble with Henry /Chatterbox /Reminded / Hunting Season /Fighting for your life /Sugar on the knees / Hallelujah, I was wrong / Suddenly a summer night / Making it up again / Choosing teams

David's "proper" website has been revamped with more features still to come. The new forum is up and you should all register - it's where the real fans hang out ;)

DM supplies backing vocals to a CD by Sam Ashworth.

All the track from the forthcoming CD "Tangerine"are being previewed at DMs myspace site. It seems that this site shares equal priority with the official site, so you should keep checking it out!

Yes, news has been thin on the ground over Christmas. News from DM, who is : "formally announcing the formation of a new media company, TALLULAH!, recently incorporated by myself and other highly-skilled parties. TALLULAH! is a limited liability corporation that will be releasing my new record Tangerine in partnership with Emergent Music Marketing and Sony's Red Distribution in May."

Wherever You Are is in the BBC radio 2's "C" list.

Paul Heaton of the Beautiful South has New Mexico on his current Ipod playlist; " When I was away writing lyrics I played this non-stop. He’s got a very sweet voice. "

'Make It Right' from "Wherever you are" is featured on the cover-mounted CD with the new edition of the "Word " magazine. (ta Spence)

After a marathon round of dates in the States, new UK dates have been announced - see the live page

Hopefully more to come - keep checking back!

You can buy the new "EP" from Norway at this address (do a search for DM). Cost is 99 kroner (just over £8). Dunno if that includes postage.

Mini-album WHEREVER YOU ARE is finally being released on April 28 in Scandinavia and June 29 in the United States. Tracxks include

1. Wherever You Are / 2. Hold On / 3. Only a Dream / 4. Astronaut / 5. Make It Right / 6. How Much

Gallery section added with photos from Belfast 04.

You can download a "through the desk" recording of David's recent show at Schubas from Emusic - there's a special free months trial on offer at the moment allowing you up to 50 tracks!

News of a new studio recording to start March 1st in Nashville with Brad Jones (Jill Sobule, Swan Dive, Butterfly Boucher, Josh Rouse). Also "Wherever You Are" EP should be available by April or May with Wherever You Are / Hold On / Only a Dream / Astronaut / Make It Right / How Much

David digs out yet another rarity for this site - "Christmas is so far away" - see the AUDIO section.

David makes 6 of his home demos available leading up to Christmas, in two week intervals. Check out mineandyours.com for download details and do it quick, they won't be there forever!

Human nature demo acquired. Although his PR team say it was released on September 13th, there's no sign of it in the shops - curious!

Taxi drivers visting EMI are given promo copies of Meads new single to play in their taxis and encouraged to wax lyrical on the merits of the single. This should ensure a million seller. Or not.

News of DM's musical contribution to a charity CD "Music for the Kids too". Details and a sample available at the site.

DM performs "Human Nature" live on the Jonathon Ross show

DM recorded "The Only Living Boy In New York" for the soundtrack of the series "Everwood". Featured on a compilation. There's a real audio version here, complete, as well!

Tour of Europe, England and Ireland mooted. Details to follow.

Interview & performance of Indiana at Radio Tyne
Interview at Radio Nottingham
Interview & performance of Human Nature at Radio Foyle

Extensive interview with DM at puremusic.com.

Beauty played extensively on radio 2. SIngle & album now in the shops.

The Video for Beauty has been released on the Nettwerk site. Download it (8.4Mb) by right-clicking here & choosing "save as".

Beauty now scheduled 24th May, Indiana 7th June. I'm sure you'll all have bought it from America by then ;)

DM does the promo rounds, including an interview on radio Clyde and Cool FM in Ireland. Their website has an audio interview with a live performance of Beauty.

Beauty is playlisted by radio two

UK release for Indiana confirmed as May 31st, with the single Beauty (plus unreleased track chutes and ladders) at the same time. UK tour arranged for october with Bic Runga.

DMs "old" website www.davidmead.com has been revamped - several sections still to be completed, but it's a start! Includes DMs diary, lyrics, gallery and mroe to come. Requires flash

DM heading up to the Great White North (Ontario) to shoot a video for Beauty. A piano, old men with umbrellas and dancing bears are all apparently featured! The proceedings are being directed by Stephen Scott.


30 second RealAudio versions of all tracks from Indiana are available from the Nettwerk site


Amazing news. Alan Titchmarsh gardening program uses loops from No-one left to blame and Standing here to accompany a feature on ponds. World domination can't be far behind.


DMs label Nettwerk has released "Simply Being Loved" - a Valentine's Day (online only, apparently) compilation. Tracks include David Mead's Beauty from his upcoming Nettwerk debut album. You can download the tune from Apple for your I-Pod if you have the technology, or get it (and preview it) from puretracks.


Fellow Nettwork signee Neil Finn's new album includes a track called Wherever You Are and one of his writing partners is called "Rosco". Apparently no connection, but spooky!


The release date for Indiana is May 4, 2004 in the States and a week or so later in the UK (boo hiss). The first single is to be Beauty. Tracklisting is : 01. Nashville 02. You Might See Him 03. Indiana 04. Beauty 05. Only A Girl 06. Oneplusone 07. Bucket of Girls 08. New Mexico 09. Ordinary Life 10. Human Nature 11. Queensboro Bridge


DM has signed a record deal with Nettwerk America. The label is home to artists such as Neil Finn, Erin Mckeown, Ron Sexsmith and the Be Good Tanyas.


Short UK tour announced for next year:

February 28 Dublin Village
February 29 Manchester University Academy 2
March 1 Glasgow Garage
March 3 London Astoria


DM is off on a short tour of Japan, supporting Fountains of Wayne.

October 1 Tokyo, Japan Liquid Room
October 2 Nagoya, Japan Club Quattro
October 5 Kawasaki, Japan Club Citta
October 6 Osaka, Japan Club Quattro


DM is looking to release an additional album, titled Indiana, recorded in Nashville during down time in between record contracts. It's an acoustic record featuring live performances in the studio including Joe and Marc Pisapia, Brad Jones and David Henry (REM, Josh Rouse, Guster), who is also producing and engineering. Eight brand new songs and some old chestnuts (‘New Mexico’, ‘Bucket of Girls’) will be included. Hopefully out early 2004.


DM, recovered from his UK jaunt, continues to tour the States with Joe Jackson. He's also recording more new songs & has been invited to perform with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys!


For Yankees or Brits with a deep pocket, DM will be at Ironwork Retreat in Michigan, USA (near Ann Arbor), June 27-30,. The price of $385 includes a concert, all workshops (David will lead 4 or 5 "making of a song" workshops where he talks about a song's evolution and then shows how it's played, and there will be writing and yoga offerings as well).

You'll get room & board at a great rural retreat, stay in two mansions separated by a little river and waterfall with over 400 acres of woods and trails. There will be a student concert at the end. The organiser is Dale Prentiss and the website is at ironworkretreats.com


David is playing a short solo tour of the UK in April.

4/1 Cambridge, Boatrace
4/2 London, Kashmir Klub
4/3 London, Borderline
4/4 Bristol, Louisiana
4/6 Glasgow, King Tut's

If you attend any of these dates, please grab any flyers, tickets going spare and send them to me for the site. I'll be happy to post any reviews / photos of the dates. (see contact link)


David has moved to Nashville, TN and has been participating in various performance / recording / film projects with friends there- all temporarily unavailable in the UK until further notice. He's also writing songs for a movie entitled 'Eulogy' that shows promise of actually getting completed.


David writes: "I miss England and Dundee, Scotland. My new record is by far the best yet and I am looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks. The first single will most likely be a somewhat upbeat number entitled 'Oneplusone.' Other standouts include 'Beauty', 'Only a Dream' and 'Astronaut'."


The third CD is recorded and ready to go but RCA is in the midst of a serious staff upheaval and the guys that were supporting DM have left. Those that stayed have has decided (in their infinite wisdom) to let David go. Needless to say, this will put a damper on new Mead releases in the immediate future, but with a talent like what he has got, we're certain his talent will be snapped up soon. With the advantage of hindsight, I'm sure DM will put pen to a much better contract this time round, perhaps with a smaller label who are prepared to support him properly.