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David has a refreshing philosophy regarding live recordings and is happy for them to be made available to fans. Personally, I love 'em and it's by far the best way to check out an artist, away from the multi-tracks and pitch-correction of a studio. Here are some mp3s for you. Full sets available for trade only. I'd put more up, but keep running out of server space!

Hayfield the George October 8th 2005
Just Like a Woman

Wolverhampton Little Civic October 5th 2005
God Only Knows

Here's a special 04 Christmas present from David to his UK followers, an unreleased recording of a Christmas song that he sent to close friends. See news for similar gifts on mineandyours.com.

Christmas Is So Far Away

Leicester Music Bar June 15 2004
You Might See him

Birmingham Carling Bar June 13 2004
Ordinary Life

London metro April 29 2004
New Mexico

Borderline 04/08/03
Pink Moon

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