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Leicester 04www.davidmead.com

This is the official site. There's an excellent talk forum, to which DM contributes from time to time. If you see messages from Stan, that's his literate dog.


This is David's myspace site, which allows him to upload bnews & stuff directly, so it gets almost as much priority as his official site. He posts all kinds of goodies here. There's a truly excellent fan site, with live tracks & much, much more at


Here's his wife Natalie's site. She created the Indiana artwork....

His US label bio 11.30

DM releases at eil.com
DM on ebay (this will bring other meads up as well)
Epinions on DM
DM on amazon
DM on musicstack

If you're impressed by the music of Mead, you'll probably like a guy called Ron Sexsmith. Another worth checking is Daniel Lanois, yet another is Damien Rice. The dreamawaythemiles webbod's site is 12testing.net with full details of his failed music career ;)